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Just a couple of weeks ago, Dow Jones published an analysis of PR agencies. Using Dow Jones Insight, our media analysis service, we looked at the media coverage of PR agencies and identified those who were covered the most.

The story generated a lot of interest, and several readers pointed out that PR firms typically are too busy promoting clients rather than themselves. That led PRNewswer to survey its readers, asking whether appearing on the list was a good thing or not. The results are in, and nearly two-thirds said it was.

We plan to take a look at social media coverage of PR firms in June, so stay tuned.

Diane Thieke is Marketing Director at Dow Jones, based in Princeton, NJ.
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Are you listening or engaging?

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Our media consultants work with clients in many regions and industries to develop measurement strategies. Thus, they get a first-hand view of what organizations are doing in social media. Here, Elena Sokolova and Emi Nakatsugawa discuss how clients’ social media programs can vary based on geography and industry. Elena works with clients in the UK, France and Russia and is based in London. Emi works with clients in the US and Canada with a focus on pharma, and is based in New York.

Diane Thieke is Marketing Director for Dow Jones, based in Princeton, NJ.
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The Measurement Challenge: Social Media vs. Traditional Media

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Social media has upended the world as we know it. It has changed the way we communicate, market, sell, search, share, buy and make decisions. I had a chance to ask some of our media consultants about the impact of social media on media measurement strategies. In this video, Jennifer Hoffmann, Lars Voedisch, and David Breg talk about the differences between social and traditional media. Jenn is the head of media consulting and is based in NY. Lars, based in Singapore, and David, based in Washington, DC, are both media consultants and were visiting for the day.

Diane Thieke is Marketing Director, Dow Jones, based in Princeton, NJ.

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The News is Better than We Think

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It’s easy, I think, to draw conclusions from a quick scan of headlines. Sometimes what we intuit can be right on the money, but other times, a deep look at data can challenge our perceptions. Every day, I give a cursory read of several local and US national papers and web sites, and based on this, my take on the economy has been mixed. There are bright spots and not so bright spots.

Luckily, there are a number of economic indicators that can give me a more accurate read. Yesterday, the Dow Jones Economic Sentiment Indicator hit its highest level since June 2008, up a full two points from last month to 42.3. What’s interesting about this indicator is that it’s calculated by analyzing the economic coverage in 15 major daily newspapers in the U.S., using Dow Jones Insight. This is the same media analysis tool used by Fortune 2000 PR and corporate communications teams to measure their media coverage.

Dow Jones Economic Sentiment Indicator

So, rather than simply rely on my own amalgamated view of what the news says, I now have a serious – and more reliable – way to evaluate all the economic news running in these papers (more than I read, actually).  Changes I’d often overlook – for example, an increase in boat sales in Chicago – are factored into the indicator.

Neal Lipschutz, senior editor at Dow Jones Newswires, explains how this indicator works on Fox Business.

Diane Thieke is Marketing Director, Dow Jones Solutions for Communicators, based in Princeton, NJ.

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The People Voted, and Dow Jones Media Relations Manager is a Winner

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How great is this?  On Monday, at the Eighth Annual American Business Awards (aka “Stevies”), Dow Jones Media Relations Manager received a People’s Choice Award for Favorite New Media Product of the Year.  This is the second year now that the American Business Awards invited the public to vote for their favorite new products.  During the voting period, from May 13 to June 4, over 150,000 votes were cast for the People’s Choice Awards.

Product Team (L to R): Martin Murtland, Saurabh Goorha, and Priya Nallan

VP and Managing Director Murtland (L) accepts award from Stevie President Michael Gallagher

I headed up PR for Dow Jones’s Factiva and Dow Jones Newswires business lines when our product team began working on Dow Jones Media Relations Manager. My team played a big role in the development of this product, providing ideas and feedback along the way. I’m really proud of the result of that collaboration, and I love some of the features that have resulted. For example, the link between journalist and blogger profiles and the articles and posts they’ve written makes it so much easier to determine who to pitch, because you know whether they’ve written about the topic. Also, the briefing book feature is amazing. It used to take us hours to put these together, but now we can get a very presentable document in just a few minutes.

Dow Jones Media Relations Manager was also named a Finalist in the ABA’s New Product or Service of the Year – Media & Entertainment category.

We’re extremely proud of this achievement and thank everyone who voted for us.

For more info about the American Business Awards, visit their website here.  To learn more about Dow Jones products, contact us!

Diane Thieke is marketing director for Dow Jones Solutions for Communications Professionals. She is based in Princeton, NJ.

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Going Forward at the End of the Day – Clichés are one of Journalism’s Best Kept Secrets

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My longtime friend and colleague, Chris Pash, Director of Content Licensing at Dow Jones & Co and self-proclaimed “word miner,” was featured in a recent report on The Australian. Chris has spent the last nine years researching clichés in journalism.  In his interview, he explains how he has used Dow Jones Factiva’s extraordinary 30+ year media database as a “deposit of reportage” to further expand and confirm his findings regarding journalistic clichés.

Anchors and reporters of all types must differentiate themselves through their diction and their personality.  But how much of that diction is really their own?  Chris provides solid, quantitative evidence of the most rampant “newsworthy” clichés, and speaks of their proliferation into the media.  Check out a video interview between The Australian reporter Geoff Elliott and Chris.

The seven most overused clichés:

1. At the end of the day
2. Split second
3. About face
4. Unsung heroes
5. Outpouring of support
6. Last-ditch effort
7. Concerned residents


Awhile back, we did some research using Dow Jones Insight, a media analytics tool, to look at clichés – or what David Meerman Scott called “gobbledygook” – in more than 700,000 press releases.  At least 150 of the 325 phrases analyzed got frequent use, which leads me to wonder what kind of role we, as communicators, play in driving the prevalence of clichés in journalists’ work.

What do you think?  Do clichés in journalism show a lack of originality? Are we partly to blame?

Be sure to check out Chris’s latest article in The Australan. He’s also looking for cliché suggestions. To submit ideas, join his Facebook group or visit his blog.

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Merging onto the Highway of Social Media

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Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting Chicago area PR professionals for breakfast. We were also lucky enough to spend an hour interviewing Allan Schoenberg (@allanschoenberg on Twitter), director of communications at CME Group. Allan’s team has been using social media for several years, and he shared some tips and best practices.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Allan’s objectives for his social media strategy are to create enthusiasm for the CME Group brand, distribute information, provide customer service and advocate for the brand.
  • The team’s primary channels are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and social bookmarking tools like digg and delicious.
  • Allan compares starting in social media to merging onto a busy highway. He suggests joining existing conversations and engage in dicussions around current topics of interest. Eventually, you can incorporate your own messages and create conversations that positively affects your brand.  
  • On Twitter, he follows a 70/30 rule:  70% of postings are focused on market drivers and news, but only 30% is about news and events that are designed to drive people back to CME Group’s website.
  • He recommends that employees understand disclosure rules and best practices. His advice: “If you don’t want your CEO to read it, don’t post it.”

Allan also said was one of the best sources for keeping up on new social media trends and tools.

Diane Thieke is marketing director at Dow Jones.

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New Ways to Engage the Media Webinar

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Our Asia-Pacific team is hosting an hourlong webinar on Nov. 5 to discuss trends and share case studies on the complex media landscape and new ways of engaging the media and stakeholders.

There’s a great lineup of speakers including, Carlos Tejada, Asia news editor, The Wall Street Journal; David Meerman Scott, Marketing and Leadership Speaker; and Lars Voedisch, Regional Head for Media Intelligence in Dow Jones Asia Pacific.

Registration is free. Sign up by Oct. 30 to learn about:

  • Best practices in engaging the media. A viewpoint from Wall Street Journal Asia
  • New Technologies, Social media and recent trends in media engagement
  • New Dow Jones offerings that fit into the engagement process
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Social media and the communications process

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It’s no secret among communicators that social media has become a major disruptive force. Its ability to amplify commentary and criticism has CEOs on edge. This puts communications professionals in a challenging spot. It wasn’t so long ago that they could work with their contacts to identify rumors early, then plan and take responsive actions before an issue spun out of control. Today, the time to market is increasingly squeezed. We no longer have a 24 hour news cycle. We have a 24 second Twitter cycle. What’s more, rumors can originate from anyone and from anywhere – even from outside the organization’s usual circle of employees, customers, partners, and stakeholders.

The impact on the communications process is evident. There’s a greater volume of information to monitor, research and understand; more trends to analyze; any number of hot spots to discover and watch; more people – journalists, customers, activists, and bloggers – to engage. In an era of ever-growing budget pressure, this enormous task has to be accomplished with great efficiency. So, it’s no surprise that communications professionals are looking for new ways and tools to help them reinvent their communications process.

At Dow Jones, we’ve spent a substantial amount of time with our public relations and corporate communications customers to understand how we can help them be more successful. We’ve built new tools and enhanced existing ones to enable them to be more productive and effective. Our capabilities are built around the communications process enabled by social media (Monitor. Analyze. Discover. Engage.)


The Communications Process

We are literally MADE for your communications success:

  • Monitor, research & promote the buzz;
  • Analyze issues, trends & strategies for greater impact;
  • Discover opportunities and risks in time to act; and
  • Engage and pinpoint the influential. 

In short our mission is to:

“Help clients create communications success at every point in their day.”

But we feel that’s not enough. You may not realize that Dow Jones has a wealth of public relations and media evaluation expertise. The Dow Jones Media Lab consultants and analysts have worked with hundreds of companies across dozens of industries and regions to understand the impact of traditional and social media on their brand, reputation and campaigns. We’ve started this blog, The Conversational Corporation, so that the Dow Jones Media Lab can share their insights into best practices in social media, PR, communications research, and media measurement.  

The first of these is from Claudia Schoenbohm, a writer and consultant in the Dow Jones Media Lab. Her post on social media as two-way communications is an excerpt from her Master’s studies at the London School of Economics. Her post will be available shortly. In the meantime, download our ebook “The Conversational Corporation: How Social Media is Changing the Enterprise” here to help understand the intersection between business and social media and the need to transform your organization into a “conversational corporation.”

We hope you enjoy the blog, which will be updated frequently with new information. Bookmark it, grab the RSS feed, and visit often.

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