Interview with Joan Jiménez, Brand Angel

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Joan Jiménez

This week, we feature a two-part interview with Joan Jiménez, a Spanish brand angel and a creative multidisciplinary branding 2.0 consultant. He is author of several e-books, such as “How to cook your Brand”, “21 positions for making love with your customers”, “Brandland, the fable of the new world” and “Don’t buy me: 40 keys to sell your brand in Social Media”. He is also the creator of Spoonch, “the mark of an attitude.”


What is a brand angel?

A brand angel is a consultant who acts as a social guardian angel for a brand, bringing vision, strategies and solutions so that a brand can develop consistently in an interconnected, multidirectional and unpredictable world.

A brand angel’s main mission is to connect the internal and external aspects of a brand by contrasting them and providing the customer a new view of reality.

What is social branding?

  • Our brand is what people think of us.
  • What we are, what we do, how we do it, and our goals make up our identity.
  • Identities and brands are made by people.
  • People are the new medium of communication in digital society and people are also trademarks.
  • These personal brands, in the form of users of Facebook, Twitter or other platforms, are also media. They share information, emotions and entertainment with other brands aligned with their identity.
  • An identity link between personal brands is created through conversations, and brands need to enter their message in this new channel to reach their users.
  • Users are becoming less permissive with messages that do not come naturally to their digital social conversation.
  • To enter naturally into the digital social conversation, the brand must generate an organic emotional bond through its identity in a form of conversation with their potential users’ brands.
  • Having a brand does not necessarily mean having a defined emotional identity. In fact, there are many successful commercial brands with no identity and no other mission or values than pure economic benefit.
  • Without emotional identity, it is impossible to generate a lasting bond with our social environment, no matter if we are a commercial or a personal brand, as we are always at risk of being replaced in others’ preferences for other brands with a higher emotional value.
  • Social branding is the discipline that helps personal brands to enhance their standing by managing their identity.
  • Social branding is the discipline that helps commercial brands to manage the engagement with their users through the management of their identity.
  • For users, social branding is the emotional bond with the brand in digital social environments.
  • For managers, social branding is a challenge because it requires that they give more importance to the strategic construction of identity than the tactical pursuit of profitability.

Tomorrow: Part 2 – The Social Brand

Amelia Rodríguez is the Team Leader in the Barcelona Dow Jones Media Lab.

Interview translated by Matthew Stephenson.

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One Response to “Interview with Joan Jiménez, Brand Angel”

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Thanks for this great interview with Joan Jimenez. I like that his philosophy focuses on the “social” in “social media”. Truly, this is the magic of web 2.0- brands can have personalities and faces, brands are people.

Personally, I think the best way to spread brand awareness and connection is through relevant virtual communities who actually care about what you’re talking about. It’s when you take the “scorched earth” approach that you anger and alienate customers and brand ambassadors.

Would you agree?

Here is a post my company wrote on the two approaches.

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