Social media and the communications process

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It’s no secret among communicators that social media has become a major disruptive force. Its ability to amplify commentary and criticism has CEOs on edge. This puts communications professionals in a challenging spot. It wasn’t so long ago that they could work with their contacts to identify rumors early, then plan and take responsive actions before an issue spun out of control. Today, the time to market is increasingly squeezed. We no longer have a 24 hour news cycle. We have a 24 second Twitter cycle. What’s more, rumors can originate from anyone and from anywhere – even from outside the organization’s usual circle of employees, customers, partners, and stakeholders.

The impact on the communications process is evident. There’s a greater volume of information to monitor, research and understand; more trends to analyze; any number of hot spots to discover and watch; more people – journalists, customers, activists, and bloggers – to engage. In an era of ever-growing budget pressure, this enormous task has to be accomplished with great efficiency. So, it’s no surprise that communications professionals are looking for new ways and tools to help them reinvent their communications process.

At Dow Jones, we’ve spent a substantial amount of time with our public relations and corporate communications customers to understand how we can help them be more successful. We’ve built new tools and enhanced existing ones to enable them to be more productive and effective. Our capabilities are built around the communications process enabled by social media (Monitor. Analyze. Discover. Engage.)


The Communications Process

We are literally MADE for your communications success:

  • Monitor, research & promote the buzz;
  • Analyze issues, trends & strategies for greater impact;
  • Discover opportunities and risks in time to act; and
  • Engage and pinpoint the influential. 

In short our mission is to:

“Help clients create communications success at every point in their day.”

But we feel that’s not enough. You may not realize that Dow Jones has a wealth of public relations and media evaluation expertise. The Dow Jones Media Lab consultants and analysts have worked with hundreds of companies across dozens of industries and regions to understand the impact of traditional and social media on their brand, reputation and campaigns. We’ve started this blog, The Conversational Corporation, so that the Dow Jones Media Lab can share their insights into best practices in social media, PR, communications research, and media measurement.  

The first of these is from Claudia Schoenbohm, a writer and consultant in the Dow Jones Media Lab. Her post on social media as two-way communications is an excerpt from her Master’s studies at the London School of Economics. Her post will be available shortly. In the meantime, download our ebook “The Conversational Corporation: How Social Media is Changing the Enterprise” here to help understand the intersection between business and social media and the need to transform your organization into a “conversational corporation.”

We hope you enjoy the blog, which will be updated frequently with new information. Bookmark it, grab the RSS feed, and visit often.


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